St Fagans CC est 1862

2 minutes with 3rd XI skipper Rob Litchfield…

2 minutes with 3rd XI Skipper and Social Sec, Robert-Marcus Arthur Duncan Llewellyn Bishop Litchfield

Rob Litchfield

Your earliest cricketing memory? Being told by Graham Lewis I would be a good seamer if it was only one ball an over
Funniest St Fagans teammate? Dagsie – he’d forget his head if it wasn’t screwed on
Favourite part of cricket? Having a full eleven available
Most intelligent SFCC teammate? Tom Bevan
The one thing you couldn’t live without? A sense of humour
Biggest influence on your cricket? Phil Makinson
Your best moment as a Stag? Pitching it
Your favourite part of a cricket tea? Pizza
If you could be another player at the club who would you be and why? O’Shea as he is class (urgh pass me the bucket)
Longest in the shower? Steve Provis liked to do his hair…
Your worst moment as a Stag? Standing in as captain for Lewy, been given a dud team, and losing by 300 runs
Your unsung hero at St Fagans? The tea ladies – cricket at St Fagans wouldn’t be the same without the work that they put in
What do you best in 2 minutes? Send people to sleep