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The 1st XI skipper goes under the Stags Spotlight…


Rob Litchfield was the first Stag to go under the Stags Spotlight. Given the excitement that caused, we decided to take a sabbatical. But now we’re back with a bang with first XI skipper, Chris Thorne, fielding the questions. Hopefully somewhat better than he does the ball. Pictured above in 2013, looking like a pillock and with what looks like awfully highlighted hair…

Right Thorney….

Your earliest cricketing memory? Breaking my open championship bat in the back garden of my house because my Dad refused to buy me a new one. To this day, I’m not sure he knows about that one. Once a brat…

Funniest St Fagans teammate? Played with a few characters but the space cadet-‘Mensa-duo’, of Gareth Weatherall and Jeremy Lawlor probably take the biscuit. Two very special individuals indeed, particularly when they are working in tandem.

Favourite part of cricket? Winning and the beer afterwards.

Most intelligent SFCC teammate? Adam Keane, although don’t trust him to run on a message onto the field successfully, that does seem strangely beyond a man who got 9A*s and 4 As last summer.

The one thing you couldn’t live without? Simon Joseph. Oops thought that said one thing I could do without!

Biggest influence on your cricket? Phil Makinson, and most importantly the infamous hand gestures! Hands on the belly – O’Shea. Hand on the head – Maynard! Whatever could he have meant!

Your best moment as a Stag? Winning the league in 2014 or the many Welsh Cups as a kid growing up through the hugely successful noughties for the junior section of St Fagans. Good group of lads.

Your favourite part of a cricket tea? St Fagans’ jam scones. Superb.

Gutsiest Stags team-mate? Loved Craig Maloney. Good competitive bloke, good competitive cricketer.

If you could be another player at the club who would you be and why? Close call. Between Matt Thompson and O’Shea as and when he fancies donning the pads again this season! Both class acts.

Player to look out for? Adam Keane has all the potential to go on to an excellent level. Quality batter and undoubtedly a future 1st XI captain as well at some point. Younger than that worth keeping an eye on Charles Griffith, Callum Nicholls and Zak Williams.

Best part of playing for St Fagans? The ground, teammates, and the Chairman’s excellent collection of waterproof sheets.

Longest in the shower? Kristian Bell had an excellent line and length, and a superb googly!

Your worst moment as a Stag? Relegation last summer – coulda, woulda, shoulda!

Your unsung hero at St Fagans? Two – Tim and Val Hopkins. What they do for the club is ridiculous.

What do you best in 2 minutes? Many people could probably answer that question on my behalf! Boys would say batting, girls would say…

Your all-time St Fagans XI (only condition – had to play with them in the maroon)? O’Shea, J Lawlor, Merilaht, Maynard, Swetman, Thompson, John, Hopkins, J Sylvester, Slade, K Bell. Strong batting, keeping and spin options in that side. All quality cricketers, all of them potential all-rounders!