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Thank you! TMT Fundraiser


Well, where do we begin!

In the club’s drunken stupor on Twitter last night we managed to thank a few people, but it’s worth repeating!

The event simply would not happen without (and be prepared this is a long list!) Jane and Rob John, Mike Fatkin, David Harris, Richard Adler, Rod Woodward, and of course the Glamorgan Cricket ’97 winners (and Richie Green!).

And finally to Matt, Sue and the Maynard family. Special people and a truly special day. You’re the heartbeat of the club.

So many club volunteers yesterday but you all deserve a mention – so excuse the Oscar-esque post!

Keith Harding, Tony Gabe Jones and Clive Teague for all the hard work on the BBQ yesterday, marvellous effort by the old fellas!

Malcolm Weatherall, Nigel Keane and Ryan Nicholls for their work pulling pints!

The club’s official photographer/broadband manager/everything-else-you-put-your-hand-to, Tim O’Gorman, thank you for all you do.

A special mention to our gatekeepers, Matt Sweeney and Pete Mathias who did a sterling job in not too pleasant conditions!

The ladies who have performed miracles over the past few days – Val, Helen, Ann, Ceri and Frances! Brilliant.

The youngsters – Zac, Callum, Zayn, all three Burrows – the future of the club and who’ll be playing in the day on a regular basis sooner rather than later!

Our DJ – Dave Burrows! As Ian Williams put it, what a proper clubman. He’s made DJ Tom Bevan redundant but our club secretary deserves a lot of credit for his contribution of late. You’re not getting sacked yet.

Ellie Hopkins and her army on the bar. You have served us out of beer, wine, vodka you name it! Outstanding stuff.

The players – but particularly those who’ve helped set up and clean up. Legends the lot of you.

Last but certainly not least, the true ‪#‎Stags‬ trooper that is Tim Hopkins. Hasn’t stopped busting a gut since Thursday and was still going today. We’ve run out of superlatives for what Tim and Val do for the club. Extraordinary!

Without you such a day would just not be possible. Thank you! #Stags